frequently asked questions

/ about our cookies

The cookies are best eaten within 12 hours or can be stored in the fridge for 3 days but reheated at 150°C for 3-5 minutes before serving. For prolonged storage, the cookies can also be freezed for up to 2 weeks and reheated at 150°C for 5-7 minutes before serving. The sablé cookies are best eaten within 1 month, unopened or stored in airtight container. To be kept in cool & dry place.

Our cookies use only non-meat based ingredients and there is no alcohol or gelatin used. We do not have the official halal certification but most of our ingredients are in fact from halal certified suppliers. 😊

Our cookies use only non-meat based ingredients but we use eggs in our cookies so it depends on how strict the vegetarian diet is!

/ order & delivery

Yes, of course! You may indicate your preferred on the Cart Checkout Page, under the field "packing instructions". Do note that for delivery, we will most likely pack the items into a bigger box, but separate the cookies based on your request. This is to optimize the delivery size of the order, ensure the cookies are packed well and that there is no extra delivery charges. We will include extra bags for you according to the number of recipients you've indicated.

Standard Delivery (12-5pm) from Monday to Saturday:
For orders below $24, delivery is $9.
For orders $24 and above, delivery is reduced to $6.
For orders above $85, delivery is free!
The rates stated are for all areas except for fringe locations (eg. Sentosa, Tuas).

Yes, there are several 2-hour delivery time slots you can choose from, do note that there's a surcharge of $8.
Feel free to arrange your own delivery if you'd like!

Yes, you may select the self collection option when checking out. The collection timing from Monday to Friday is 12-5pm & Saturday is 12-330pm. For eve of PH and PH, collection is 1130am-2pm.

/ customisation

There are mainly 3 options:

1. Customisation of cookie label (most popular).
Personalise the design of the cookie label and add a message. To find out more, you can view here
minimum order quantity: 30 pieces per flavour

2. Customisation of gift set
Tell us the theme of the event or purpose of gifting and we can create a unique gift set that's also catered to your budget.
minimum order quantity: 8 sets

3. Creation of a new flavour
Share with us some of your favourite desserts or if there's a specific flavour combinations you'd like to have!
minimum order quantity: 100 pieces

For order below the minimum order quantity, the customisation charges are:

1. Customisation of cookie label - $25 per artwork/flavour

2. Customisation of gift set - $30 per set design

3. Creation of a new flavour - $60-$80 per flavour