may box of 6

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a box of 6 assorted bakes with this month's special flavours.

1. N°1 salt of the earth - milk and dark chocolate

2. N°3 nutty professor - roasted pistachio & brown butter

3. N°6 curious merrymaker - dark chocolate and cheesecake swirls

4. N°32 classy maven - pistachio raspberry cheesecake with pistachio crumble 

5. S°20 selfless encourager - rose infused brown butter sablé cookies (3pcs)

6. K°5 zesty cheerleader - earl grey chocolate cake with lemon curd and meringue shards 

*this box is available for delivery/pick-up from 3 - 31 May only 

*do note that 1-2 flavours of similar value may be swapped out depending on availability