"to my favourite human" | valentine's edition

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enjoy a specially curated selection of our bestselling bakes and valentine's day special creations. 

this set includes a greeting card and 9 different bakes:

brownie bites:

1. B°4 bosom buddy - fudgy brownie with tahini cheesecake and salted cookie crust

2. B°2 unexpected guest - matcha blondie with strawberry cheesecake and salted cookie crust

3. B°3 zealous trickster - sesame blondie with yuzu cheesecake and salted cookie crust

soft baked cookies:

1. N°11 care bear - strawberry cheesecake with strawberry reduction and butter cookie crumble 

2. N°5 ambitious sailor - dark chocolate sea salt

3. N°3 nutty professor - roasted pistachio and brown butter

sablé cookies:

1. S°20 selfless encourager - rose infused 

2. S°8 cheesy joker - cheddar cheese 

3. S°5 ambitious sailor - double chocolate and sea salt