Cookies x Cream

Warm cookies and velvety ice cream have always made a lovely and comforting pair. We enjoy it as a tea-time snack during breaks in our kitchen, and this month we’ve teamed up with our friends at Dopa Dopa Creamery to put together this Cookies x Cream pairing.

In this set you'll find 6 servings of our soft baked cookies and Dopa Dopa’s ice cream. Featuring a half-and-half pint of Dopa Dopa's signature ice cream, you will find two flavours in a tub - Roasted Pistachio, and Raspberry Milk Swirl. To complement these flavours, we have 3 pairs of our chewy brown butter & malted milk cookie shells and 3 dark chocolate brownie center cookies. Great as dessert for gatherings, a midday treat to beat the heat or a solo ice cream party (we've all done it, no judgement 😉).

Liquid error (templates/page.2021 dopa dopa line 11): Error in tag 'section' - 'dynamic-featured-collection-dopa' is not a valid section type This themed set was a lot of fun to put together, from the early stages of discussion to the taste-testing sessions (We ate....... so much ice cream. It was the best 🤤). The result is an irresistible combination of nutty, malty, chocolatey, creamy, slightly tangy, caramelly and buttery - just an absolute treat.

Cookies x Cream is available for pre-order now, delivery or self-collection is available on 16-17, 20-24 and 26-30 Apr, 12-530pm at Folks & Stories. Check out our video at the top of the page for a closer look at the bundle and serving suggestions!


Brown butter, malted milk cookie shells (3 sets)
Dark chocolate brownie center cookie (3 pcs)
Dopa Dopa's Pistachio ice cream (½ pint)
Dopa Dopa's Raspberry Milk Swirl ice cream (½ pint)


Do note that this is item is available for pre-order only. Delivery or self-collection is available on 16-17, 20-24 and 26-30 Apr, 12-530pm at Folks & Stories / 3 Everton Park, #01-63.
Feel free to combine your order with other bakes ◡̈


The cookies are best eaten within 12 hours at room temperature or can be stored up to 2 weeks in the freezer but reheated at 150°C for 3-5 minutes before serving.
The ice cream is to be stored in a freezer condition (best at -13°C) and consumed within 1 month of purchase.