how we started / since jul 2018

Folks & Stories is a baked goods company inspired by people around us. We love to explore classic and novel sweets, to incorporate rustic baking style, to develop interesting flavour profiles and to bring joy & meaning to gifting.

What started as a part-time project in university became my full-time job upon graduation in 2018. I'm happy to be able to spend most of my days doing what I adore most - ideating the next treat, creating systems & things, learning so broadly, & just checking boxes on my to-do list.

about our creations

We use only french butter, belgian chocolate couverture, handmade jams and reductions in our treats. All of our confections are made with only natural ingredients, with absolutely no artificial flavouring or colouring.

We care a lot about the taste of our baked goods and love our cookies with textural contrast. When served fresh and warm, the soft baked cookies are lightly crunchy on the edges, tender (for cheesecake flavours) and fudgy (for chocolate flavours) in the center.

about our concept

We think that confections embody cultural significance, and is often associated with gifting for various occasions. To deliver that celebratory spirit and joy, we like to focus not only on delicious treats made with premium ingredients, but also on personalisation and expressing heartfelt messages.

For creative individuals looking for unique treats, we enjoy creating customised flavours from scratch as well. For more info, please see our custom page.

brands we've worked with