lunar new year 2021 ❋

We spent a long time planning our LNY menu, deciding what flavours to keep, tweaking the recipes, handmaking extracts, creating all the components from scratch. We worked with familiar local flavours but many ingredients were used for the first time in the kitchen. Lunar New Year feels like a fresh start, so we wanted to challenge ourselves to work with something different too!

Here’s the list of new flavours we have put together:

Talk of the Town

A luscious roasted chestnut chocolate ganache, sandwiched between red velvet with dried orange peel cookies, It’s a less common yet surprisingly delightful combination that truly lives up to its name.

Life of the Party

This has been a fan favourite since its launch. With every bite, you get a taste of the decadent salted honey cheesecake paired with a light hazelnut cookie base and crumble. Careful, you might find yourself gobbling down this cookie in just a few bites (speaking from personal experience 😅).

Zen Master

This earthy sesame sablé cookie is dipped in white chocolate, adding some creaminess and sweetness that accentuate the black sesame fragrance. A perfect pairing to any beverage or even as a snack on its own.

Local Popstar

Our pandan infused butter sablé cookie. Paying homage to one of our nation’s most beloved flavour - this cookie carries a delicate pandan fragrance with a light sweetness that draws out the flavour of pandan. And yes, we extract the flavour from fresh pandan leaves lovingly by hand!

With the repeated trial and error, it’s not surprising that all of us here have already bulked up a little before Lunar New Year. We sincerely hope these treats would add some joy and fun to your gatherings too!

P.S. Not really sure what to expect this year but we still can’t wait to celebrate Lunar New Year! The past year has been so hectic yet fulfilling - thank you so much for all the support and love you’ve given to our cookies! It will be a much needed break for the team, and we will be recharged to create more yummy bakes for you ✌🏻