"to gather"

Mid autumn for us speaks of childhoods filled with sparklers and lantern walks in the balmy September nights. As the years go by, we've come to know the delight of the lively chatter and simply being in company with our loved ones.

We prepared this set of treats with these moments in mind. Join us as we savour the joy of being together under the full moon this Mid Autumn Festival.

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1. delicate, crumbly black sesame sablé dipped in white chocolate and matcha sablé dipped in milk chocolate – 8pcs

2. crunchy, salted jarrah honey almond florentine bars – 6 pcs

3. soft, fudgy espresso dark chocolate brownie square – 1 pc

4. melt-in-your-mouth pistachio rose domes and earl grey almond domes – 9pcs
Liquid error (templates/page.2021 midautumn line 34): Error in tag 'section' - 'dynamic-promotions-2021-mid-autumn-3' is not a valid section type We also curated a selection of teas from our friends at Kindred Teas that make the perfect pair for our bakes. You can select from a collection of Blessings Blooming Tea, Pandan Butterfly Pea Green Tea and Chrysanthemum Pu-Erh Tuocha in our Mid Autumn Special with Tea.

Kindred Teas is a local boutique tea brand inspired by its founder's travels with friends and family. "Wherever we go, we always make time to sit down for a cup of tea and recollect the best moments from our journey." Kindred Teas is inspired by these precious moments and believes that tea can foster relationships; bringing you closer to the people you share it with. Their mission is to bring you quality teas from around the world, so that you can create these moments with those that matter most, or simply savour during some quiet time alone.
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