To commemorate National Day this year, we decided to celebrate the vibrant local brand community we have on our sunny island 🌞 We got together with some lovely folks and curated a mix of some essentials to tide us through this season. Read on to find out more!

"Having coffee from Narrative is an experience of having an eye-opening conversation with a knowledgeable friend. With every visit and every cup, you journey to parts of the world you’ve not explored; you open up to new ways of seeing, tasting and appreciating. Narrative seeks to tell these coffee stories. We’re dedicated to providing some familiarity to your morning schedule and we hope to bring accessibility and approachability to the realms of Speciality Coffee," Thong, founder of Narrative Coffee Stand.

With robust flavours, smooth and rich mouthfeel (and really cute label designs), Narrative’s bottled brews are mildly sweetened and extremely tasty. Needless to say, we all need our stash of coffee/tea for the week, so we had to include these delicious fuel if we are putting together a celebratory package! Thong also shared with us so much about these crafted beverages when we met for the first time. He is undeniably passionate about what he does, and absolutely serious about the brews he creates. Each of us in the team has our personal favorite, so we’ve decided to leave the choice of flavours to you!

"Created for those who cherish rustic simplicity and enjoy a mindful cleansing experience, Rough Beauty’s bath and body products are handcrafted with botanical ingredients that soothe and nourish the skin." - Jia Tian, Founder of Rough Beauty

Delicately scented and free from any synthetics, we can’t get enough of their hand & body wash. We think you might want to have a whiff of these lovely soaps, so we are stocking them up in our walk-in store. If you’re wondering, it makes a really strong motivator for washing your hands more frequently and thoroughly!

"Started in late 2019, Craftmuse is a home-based local business founded by a duo. We take pride in our handmade products and our thoughtfully curated pieces. We started off doing alteration services while exploring embroidery and sewing products from scratch. We also enjoy customising pieces to suit requests. Craftmuse seeks to play a part in environmental sustainability by bringing life to unwanted fabrics, without compromising on quality. We also believe in making beautiful pieces using the best quality materials we can find - carefully selecting fabrics, committing lots of hard work and striving for perfection." - Yolande, Co-Founder of Craftmuse

Essential of social distancing? Beautifully sewn mask that expresses your personality. You can now find over 6 designs in our store – all lovingly handmade with thoughtfully selected fabric.